Version V2.4.0
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Create Date 5. January 2017
Last Updated 5. January 2017

CAN Bus Analyzer for control modules.

The Software CANKlima diagnoses the CAN interface of the control modules. The CAN communication will be displayed in a data grid.

Software versions prior to V2.2.0 are not suited for Win7 or above. They have to be uninstalled by clicking Start->SystemTray->Software. Mark the tool in the list "Change or remove applications" and double click the button "Change/Remove" in order to uninstall the tool.

The installation of the isCAN Multidriver is mandatory.



Download and unpack the archive.
Execute the file Setup.exe by double clicking. Follow the installation procedure.
Install the isCAN Multidriver.


Minimal Hardware Requirements:

Pentium Processor 3GHz 2GB RAM 32/64 Bit
1GB free Harddisk Space
WibuKey USB Dongle


Operating Systems:

Windows XP SP2 32 Bit
Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit
Windows 8 64 Bit