Technology for the benefit of mankind

Since 1987 we produce devices of top quality for all kind of different ranges of application for commercial vehicles. We started with the production of cable harnesses, switch control boxes and relay boards. Equally we were occupied with the electric installation of our systems and the upgrading of special designed vehicles such as VIP or trade fair vehicles.

In the following years we more and more specialised on the controller supported steerage in the area of air-conditioning of buses of any kind.

Our strength is the personal and individual consulting and provision with any solution needed, according to your wishes and needs. Through the advantage to produce hardware, software and installation together, we are able to deliver mass-produced equipment with innovative technique.

In order to achieve a higher quality, 1998 we started to produce with a new SMD-line belonging to the firm, to assemble the printed circuit boards (PCB).

For the quality control we use an automatic, optical inspection machine. We further use special, computer controlled test instruments and components of vehicles such as the simulation of the structure of an air conditioning for the development of equipment and the final control.

Dekra zertifiziert, Qualitätsmanagement ISO 9001:2000

Our guarantee of quality

We believe that one of the most important factors to satisfy the needs of our clients is a stable and top quality in the development and the manufacturing of our products.

Therefore we look for highest quality standards with our quality assurance systems and follow a consequent quality management.

We are proud that an unattached authority featured our quality assurance system to be conform with all regulatory aspects and that we therefore received the e 1-certificate.

Our partners

Ruthardt Electronics GmbH works together with the following qualified partners: